ZTE at the Forefront of AI Discussions in Geneva

At the AI for Good Global Summit in Geneva, hosted by the United Nations International Telecommunication Union (ITU), ZTE Corporation played a pivotal role. The event, held from July 6 to 7, united AI experts from academia, enterprises, UN agencies, and NGOs to deliberate on AI’s technological advancements, societal impacts, and its role in sustainable development and governance.

Showcasing Cutting-Edge AI Innovations

ZTE, a consistent contributor to the AI for Good initiative, exhibited its prowess in data-driven intelligence. Themed “Data-driven Intelligence for the Future,” ZTE’s booth was a highlight of the summit, showcasing advanced AI applications such as smart factories, a naked-eye 3D smart pad, and open-source AI projects. Notably, their bionic robots attracted considerable attention, showcasing the potential of groundbreaking AI technologies.

High-Profile Recognition

The significance of ZTE’s participation was underlined by visits from esteemed guests, including Ambassador Chen Xu, Permanent Representative of China in Geneva, and ITU Secretary-General Doreen Bogdan-Martin. Both lauded ZTE’s technological advancements.

ZTE’s Commitment to AI for Humanity

ZTE’s involvement in the summit reaffirms its dedication to leveraging AI for the betterment of society. The company aims to foster innovation, support sustainable development goals, and ensure responsible AI governance.

Wang Xinhui’s Insightful Address

Wang Xinhui, ZTE’s Vice President and General Manager of Standards and Industrial Relations, spoke on the Leader Lounge Stage. His speech, “Bridging the Last Mile for Digital Transformation with Artificial Intelligence,” emphasized digital transformation as essential for achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. He advocated for an architecture-first approach, with technologies like 5G and AI integrating data processes, thereby driving value-centric digital transformation.

Summer Chen on Building a Green Society

Summer Chen, ZTE’s Vice President and General Manager of Branding and PR Strategies, spoke on the SDG Stage. Her talk, “Building a Green and Intelligent Society: AI-Driven ICT Infrastructure Evolution,” focused on using AI to empower sustainable development. She proposed a three-step approach: building AI-endogenous ICT infrastructure, developing sustainable AI systems, and utilizing AI for industry-wide green development.

Driving Digital Economy through AI

The summit also featured high-level roundtable discussions. Tian Li, Director of Standards Strategy at ZTE, represented the company, sharing insights on AI applications and corporate social responsibility. ZTE, as a “Driver of the Digital Economy,” remains committed to bridging the digital divide, collaborating for innovation, and promoting human-centered AI.