Makang’wa Village residents in Chamwino have lived without proper water services for over 50 years, but their situation will soon change. Tanzania has launched a solar powered water supply project costing US $350m that will drastically improve residents’ access to water.

Implemented by the Dodoma Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Authority (Duwasa), the project will benefit over 7,000 households in Makang’wa Village and neighbouring villages in Chamwino. Duwasa Managing Director David Pallangyo said the authority started implementing the project on September 19, 2019, saying the project had to be completed in two months but the timeframe had to be extended by 30 days due to arrival delays of solar panels and a water pump from abroad.

Construction works involved the renovation of a water tank, 13 water drawing points in the village and installation of a solar panel. The project has the capacity to produce 336,000 litres a day. Mr. Pallangyo said that all Makang’wa villagers will now have access to water supply.

Water supply network extension project

Additionally, the government disbursed US $100m as advanced funds to implement a water supply network extension project to reach more households in Makang’wa and neighbouring villages. Tanzania’s Deputy Minister for water Jumaa Aweso directed officers under his portfolio to conduct a feasibility study for the water supply extension project and seek two water sources to end water scarcity in the area. “Water supply network should now be extended to neighbouring villages to ensure more people have access to water supply,” he said.

Mtera MP Livingstone Lusinde commended the government for the water project, saying it had addressed water scarcity in the area and would help the villagers improve food security by engaging in irrigation schemes.