Pioneering Collaboration in ICT Innovation

SK Telecom (SKT) and NTT DOCOMO have entered into a strategic partnership, marking a significant collaboration between leading mobile operators from Korea and Japan. The memorandum of understanding (MOU) underscores their commitment to enhancing their metaverse services and pioneering 6G technology research.

Leveraging Strengths in the Metaverse Arena

Both SKT and NTT DOCOMO have already established a presence in the metaverse. SKT’s ‘ifland’ service boasts around 1.5 million monthly active users, while NTT DOCOMO’s ‘XR World,’ launched earlier this year, is accessible via web browsers. This partnership aims to leverage these platforms for greater global impact.

NTT DOCOMO’s Investment in XR Development

NTT DOCOMO has recently formed a $412 million unit, Qonoq, focusing on developing Extended Reality (XR) hardware and software. Its IOWN project seeks to significantly boost bandwidth and reduce latency, factors crucial for enhancing metaverse experiences.

Collaborative Efforts in Metaverse Technology

The two companies plan to establish a consultative body to share metaverse technology insights and collaborate on long-term service integration and joint marketing initiatives. Early outcomes of this collaboration will allow users of each company’s metaverse service to access unique cultural experiences, such as K-pop concerts and virtual tours of Japanese cities.

Leadership Perspectives on the Partnership

Ryu Young-sang, President & CEO of SKT, emphasized the partnership’s role in driving global ICT innovation. Motoyuki Li, President & CEO of NTT DOCOMO, echoed this sentiment, expressing optimism about creating new services that offer unprecedented excitement for customers worldwide.

Joint Ventures in 6G Research

Beyond the metaverse, SKT and NTT DOCOMO are committed to joint research in 6G technology and influencing international standards. Their collaboration will focus on securing Open Radio Access Network (Open RAN) and Virtualised RAN technologies pivotal for 6G. They also plan to co-develop transport network technologies and innovate mobile network structures into cloud environments.

A Vision for Future Technologies

This partnership not only aims to enhance the current offerings of both companies but also positions them at the forefront of developing future technologies. Their collaboration in both the metaverse and 6G research paves the way for groundbreaking advancements in the telecom sector, with a shared vision of transforming the digital landscape.