Regional solar energy company Redavia has ventured into the Kenyan market after signing an energy deal with Exotic EPZ.

Redavia designs, manufactures, installs and maintains solar systems on behalf of its clients. Exotic hopes the solar power will reduce its monthly electricity costs.

“Our system is based on a pre-configured model, including high-performance solar modules and electrical components which are easy to ship, set up, scale, and redeploy,” said Redavia chief executive and founder, Mr Erwin Spolders, in a statement.

Exotic EPZ managing director, Ms Jane Maigua, said Redavia provides cost-efficient renewable energy under a flexible contract, thus enabling them to reduce costs and increase operational flexibility.

She said the power will enable their company to reduce carbon footprint and solve the sustainability challenge of energy needs.

Entrance of the company in the Kenya solar energy market will further open a widow for alternative power for manufactures when a majority have been complaining of high electricity tariffs.