5G Now Across Oman: Ooredoo’s Landmark Achievement

Ooredoo Oman has reached a significant milestone in telecommunications, achieving full 5G coverage across the entire nation. The company proudly announced on LinkedIn that its 5G network is now accessible “everywhere and anywhere in Oman.” This development allows Ooredoo Oman’s customers to experience super-fast 5G services throughout the country.

Expanding Retail Footprint

In line with its commitment to enhance customer experiences, Ooredoo is actively expanding its retail presence in Oman. The company inaugurated its 46th franchise store in Izki, located in the Dhakiliya region, on June 11, 2023. This new outlet is set to offer a broad range of products, services, and tech solutions to the local community. Moreover, the store’s sales team is focused on understanding and meeting the specific needs of the local market while fostering strong customer relationships.

Setting the Bar High for Network Coverage

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) of Oman is not far behind in setting ambitious goals for the country’s telecom infrastructure. The TRA aims to upgrade all mobile network base stations to support both 4G and 5G services by the end of 2025, targeting a coverage that reaches 98% of Oman’s population. This objective aligns with Oman’s broader vision to establish a high-speed, widespread telecom network across the nation.