The Kenyan government is distributing free sanitisers to promote hygiene during the coronavirus pandemic.

The country has thus far recorded 42 cases of Covid-19, with one death, according to its health ministry.

The sanitisers are marked “Not for Sale” and will be available at the deputy county commissioners’ and chiefs’ offices countrywide. Citizens are encouraged to collect the items.

Since the start of the outbreak, prices for hand sanitisers have skyrocketed due to demand.

Local radio station Capital Fm said East African Breweries Limited was among companies that would be distributing the products post manufacture.

Last week, the Kenyan Port Authority (KPA) announced that it was working in partnership with oil companies to produce 20,000 litres of sanitisers daily.

Vivo Energy Kenya, Total and Ola Energy volunteered to help produce alcohol-based sanitisers using the 396,000 litres of impounded ethanol released by the KPA.

Ethanol is a key component in the production of alcohol-based hand sanitisers. The World Health Organisation recommends washing hands and using sanitisers as key to avoiding infection.

Local daily newspaper, The Star said the ethanol containers were confiscated for a variety of offences including smuggling and false declarations.