Guatemala's President-elect Bernardo Arevalo speaks during an interview with Reuters, at his home in Guatemala City, Guatemala August 22, 2023. REUTERS/Pilar Olivares

The Guatemalan government is planning to launch a tender to recover the La Aurora international airport in Guatemala City. President Bernardo Arévalo announced the government’s decision to move forward with the tender through a public-private partnership (PPP) during an event hosted by private infrastructure players. The president believes that this partnership will allow the government and private sector to face the great challenges the terminal poses together.

Currently managed by the civil aviation authority DGAC, the facility has become a space for political and economic parties that seek easy money at the expense of citizens. The government believes that the rescue operation of La Aurora international airport might be a positive example of collaboration between the public and private sectors, defined by transparency and the strategic orientation to seek the common good.

While a tender launch date has not been revealed, it is certain that the communications, infrastructure and housing ministry, infrastructure entities Anadie and Conadie, and congress will be involved. Anadie will publish a request for expressions of interest, launch bidding and award the contract, which must be approved by congress. The process could finish in 2025, according to the executive director of development NGO Fundesa, Juan Carlos Zapata, as reported by Prensa Libre.

In February, Arévalo’s envoy for competitiveness and investment, Fernando Suriano Buezo, said the facilities were left in an intentional state of abandonment by the previous government which left office in January. The president also highlighted that the country’s infrastructure generally is in crisis after decades of negligence, incompetence, and corruption.

The recovery of La Aurora international airport is expected to be a significant step towards improving the country’s infrastructure and promoting economic growth. The following companies are some of the major infrastructure players in Guatemala: Corporación General de Tractores S.A (Gentrac), Grupo Cemcal, S.A., Preesforzados y Construcciones, S.A. (PreCon), Consorcio Autopistas de Guatemala (CONVIA), Construcciones Integrales Avanzadas, S.A. (Ciansa), Global Dominion Access S.A. – Compañía Constructora de Obras Civiles S.A. (Dominion – Cocisa), Compañía Constructora de Obras Civiles S.A. (Cocisa), Asociación Deloitte/Tetra Tech, La Honorable Corte de Constitucionalidad de la República de Guatemala (Corte de Constitucionalidad de Guatemala), and Axon Consulting Group.