Everest Infrastructure Partners has successfully finalized the acquisition of tower assets previously owned by Vertel, marking a significant expansion for its subsidiary, Everest Infrastructure ANZ, in the Australian market.

The transaction, whose financial details remain undisclosed, signifies a strategic move for Everest Infrastructure ANZ, augmenting its tower portfolio in Australia by integrating assets obtained from the esteemed Australian telco, Vertel. Although the precise number of towers acquired has not been specified, Everest has underscored the significance of this transaction in bolstering its presence across Australia to encompass more than 100 strategic locations.

Confirming the breadth of the acquisition, Everest has clarified that the transaction encompasses towers situated in key regions such as New South Wales, Western Australia, and Victoria.

Expressing satisfaction over the successful acquisition, Will Heapy, CEO of Everest Infrastructure Partners ANZ, remarked, “Everest is pleased to have been chosen by Vertel for this transaction. This expansion solidifies Everest’s regional footprint, now spanning over 100 locations throughout Australia. With an extensive pipeline boasting several thousand communications sites, Everest has firmly established itself as a premier independent tower company, catering to the burgeoning infrastructure demands of wireless carriers across Australia.”

This acquisition comes on the heels of Everest’s acquisition of Blue Sites Telco, a Portuguese tower company, last year, marking its foray into a fourth international market following its operations in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. Across these four countries, Everest now boasts ownership of more than 2,500 communications tower sites.

Vertel, the entity divesting its tower assets to Everest, stands as an Australian-owned and operated telecommunications carrier and provider of ICT managed services, underlining the significance of this transaction within the Australian telecom landscape.