Everest Infrastructure Partners has recently acquired CNS Microwave, adding more than 75 wireless communication tower assets to its existing portfolio. The tower sites are located in six states, namely Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.

According to Everest, the majority of the towers’ rental income comes from three major tenants, namely AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile, accounting for 83% of the total rental income. The acquisition is expected to provide enhanced value for the growing Everest portfolio, as well as facilitating colocation activities at the CNS tower sites.

Brenton Atcheson, VP of corporate development at Everest Infrastructure Partners, said that the acquisition validates Everest’s ability to partner with sellers in adjacent infrastructure verticals. He added that the company anticipates the CNS sites will provide enhanced value for the growing Everest portfolio and looks forward to facilitating their customers’ needs.

Everest Infrastructure Partners was founded in 2015 and currently operates more than 2,500 communications tower sites across the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Portugal. The acquisition of CNS Microwave is the latest addition to its expanding tower portfolio, following the acquisition of tower assets from Australian telco Vertel last month and Portuguese tower company Blue Sites Telco last year.