Bulgarian telecommunications company Neterra has broken ground on its second data center in the capital of Sofia.

The four-story, 1,400 square meter (15,000 sq ft) facility, known as Sofia Data Center 2 (SDC-2), is located opposite Neterra’s SDC-1 facility and is being built to Tier III Uptime standards. Construction is due for completion later in 2021.

It has 2MW of installed capacity, and the company says it plans to become carbon neutral by the end of 2021. Neterra says it already uses 100 percent clean energy for its operations.

“This is a long-term policy. If we are organized well enough, we can even become carbon negative. This is our responsibility to the environment and the planet. We provide our data center clients with the choice to use power from renewable sources, so they can become carbon neutral as well,” Neven Dilkov, CEO of Neterra Group recently said of the company’s sustainability goals.

SDC-2 is Neterra’s fourth data center. As well as the two in Sofia, it owns facilities in Stolnik and Ruse.