Jorge Gaitan, the former Chief Executive Officer of the company Continental Towers, has been issued a second arrest warrant related to alleged financial crimes by the law enforcement authorities of Guatemala. The arrest warrant follows an earlier capture order issued by the General Prosecutor of El Salvador on a related case.

According to a report published by the news platform Ultima Hora, the Guatemalan arrest warrant stems from allegations concerning “crimes of use of information, improper appropriation and retention and violation of industrial property rights.”

Gaitan is a key figure in a sprawling series of international arbitrations being fought between minority and majority shareholders of Continental Towers, with the minority shareholders being led by the Chagrin Falls, OH based private equity firm, Peppertree Capital Partners.

In previous court filings, Peppertree Capital has expressed unwavering support for the accused criminal, and has demanded that he be reinstated to his position to control the company. The majority shareholders, in separate lawsuits and press releases, have claimed that Peppertree and its partners are using Gaitan as a part of attempted “squeeze out merger,” forcing the sale of the company at a hugely discounted price to a related company. The arrest warrants relate to Gaitan’s alleged theft of industrial secrets before he was fired from the company.

As reported by InfrastructureBrief earlier this year, Peppertree executive John Ranieri insists that Gaitan is innocent of the criminal allegations. According to an affidavit filed February 27 before an arbitration panel in the British Virgin Islands, Ranieri claims that Gaitán is a “victim” of harassment and that any fraud or corruption accusations against him are not true.

According to Ranieri’s affidavit, the majority shareholders have “continued to perpetuate a ‘false narrative of misconduct and criminality by’ Company management, including Mr. Gaitan and Ms. Echeverria.”

However the Organizmo Judicial of Guatemala disagrees.

Peppertree has been successful in convincing the New York-based American Arbitration Association (AAA) tribunal to issue a second partial award, which ordered that Continental Towers rehire Jorge Gaitan. Much of the information of this confidential process was leaked on the personal blog of the abitration panel chair, Marc Goldstein, at the following URL:

The Ultima Hora report makes reference to a new video testimonial from Gaitan’s estranged wife, Cristina Gonzalez, which can be found on YouTube.

In this video, Gaitan’s wife claims that she filed for divorce one she found out her husband had been involved in “illegal misconduct” and was part of a “criminal network.” Gaitan’s wife further directly accuses John Ranieri of financially supporting her husband’s violence against women, saying that he has used the money to unlawfully pry custody of their three daughters away from her.

Reportedly, the latest arrest warrant has been reported to INTERPOL. Efforts to obtain comments from all parties were not answered at the time of publication.